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Blog Post #8 – California Victim’s Voice

Victims & Survivors Suffer Under California’s Criminal Justice System

“I Believe In Equal Rights For Victims Of Crime” (Marsy’s Law For All)

“Much about the moral fiber of a society can be learned from the way it deals with crime. It is not enough to treat criminals with as much compassion as we can, especially when this liberal spirit is carried to the excess of interfering with crime prevention as the courts (plus laws approved by Legislation and Ballot Propositions) have done.

It is about time society showed a little moral strength by acknowledging that victims, real people, are hurt by crime and that it is to them that criminals owe their debt.”  (Prenva Kaushal)

Public attitude about crime and punishment changes according to the public’s fear of crime and their personal safety for themselves and family: High crime rates – Lock Em Up! Low crime rates – compassion for criminals and the plethora of baggage pro-criminal laws and Propositions that result.

Public attitude toward crime is a pendulum, swinging back and forth. For decades voters approved tough anti-crime, anti-criminal ballot propositions and laws to fight and end high crime rates. This is not true today, now the public feels safe during low crime rates periods; never considering that the low crime rates are the result of bad people locked away for long periods = low recidivism rates.

Beginning in 2011 when the California Legislature passed AB109 and voters approved Propositions 47 and 57, the pro-criminal forces are reversing the laws victims fought for: determinate sentencing, tough parole, 3-strikes, retaining the death sentence and many more criminal justice laws.

What can victims and survivors do to reverse the anti-victims, pro-crime forces financed by a hate-America billionaire? We can not beat the dark forces on a money basis, they are well funded. Our strength is the victims and survivors who number in the 100s of thousands. We have a Loud Voice. We can write, talk, inform our politicians and civic and religious groups – state, county, city – that we are mad as hell over the take over of the California Justice System. Our opponents are anti-victims and survivors, pro-criminal, and this EVIL must stop. The California crime rates will rise again as convicts are liberally released and they continue their lives of crime. The pendulum will swing our way again and we must be, we will be, ready.


Jack Reilley         Blog 8        November 12, 2019.