Blog Post #12 – California Victim’s Voice

The Justice Pendulum Is Beginning To Swing Victim’s Way

“I Believe In Equal Rights For Victims Of Crime” (Marsy’s Law)

Victims are the most ignored people in the California criminal(s) justice system because the pro-criminal interests profiting by this huge business of the CJS do not fear us. We are generally polite, complacent, and thankful because we have been overwhelmed and intimidated by the crime. In short, victims are beaten down, discouraged to challenge the criminal justice system, its members, and its procedures.

Well, on November 3, 2020 that is going to change.

 Two important issues are on the November 3rd ballot: one a Referendum, the other a Proposition. Victims and our supporters must know and learn about these issues and decide for themself. This is not a request that you vote either way, but it is a request to determine the victim’s interests.

Since 2011, beginning with AB109, our Governors and Legislature are hell bent on emptying prisons and preventing re-population by new prisoners. To this end, pro-criminal laws dumbing-down crime by the dozens have been passed and signed. These laws favor the criminal with no little regard for the public, no regard for victims or justice. The successful victim supported laws and actions over the last two decades are now targets of the pro-criminal crowd to change, soften, and/or destroy.

The ballot issues are: (both are citizen initiated)

Referendum – (A referendum allows citizens the power to end laws.)

Replace Cash Bail with Risk Assessments – to prevent the elimination of cash bail. We do not want to replicate the New York no-bail travesty

Proposition – sponsored by a victim’s rights organization.

Criminal Sentencing, Parole, and DNA Collection – will amend and remove some of the most onerous parts of pro-criminal laws and ballot propositions passed between 2011 and 2016

Jack Reilley                  Blog #12              April 8, 2020