Blog Post #10 – California Victim’s Voice

It Is Time To Restore Sanity To Our Criminal Justice System

“I Believe In Equal Rights For Victims Of Crime” (Marsy’s Law)

In a previous Victims Voice blog, I mention the swinging pendulum between rampant crime vs a safe society. The pendulum has swung to the criminal’s side; however, the pendulum has gone to far and is frightening society, thus beginning a reverse back to sane criminal justice. The public, government and civic power brokers must hear from us, NOW. Victim power ended the 1970s crime crisis and victims can it again. Get involved! Victims have hundreds of thousands of advocates, we are a force to be reckoned with, we will not be ignored.

We hear almost daily of horrible murders during home-church-synagogue invasions, attacks in restaurants and nightclubs, the vicarious assassinations of police officers and violent open attacks on innocent victims. Meanwhile our California leaders are smugly proud of the Sanctuary City law which demands law enforcement to set criminals free, and, our government is approving criminal-centered laws that give criminals encouragement to commit new crimes again and again. All this is nuts. Is surviving crime our “new normal?

California is suffering an anarchy of crime that will grow worse as criminals are released via lax law enforcement, lax sentencing, government insistence on emptying prisons and by dumbing down the seriousness of felonies to misdemeanors in order to facilitate low prison populations.

Society is beginning to understand the evil intent of pro-crime, pro-criminal organizations and lobbyists: victims are marginalized while criminals are encouraged…face it, there is a war on victims, and we are not fully engaged yet in the battle. Victims cannot leave the fight to others. We can win again. Get angry, get involved. Pro-criminal advocacy is an insidious industry wherein lots of money is paid to protect criminals…they do not care about victim welfare, only their fee. They must be defeated, and we can do it. Victims number in the 100s of 1000s.

Start making your individual voice and opinions heard by politicians, civic groups, media, friends-family-neighbors, law enforcement.

Jack Reilley               Blog #10       January 2, 2020