Blog Post #11 – California Victim’s Voice

Crime Survivors Are Victims Too! – Tremendous Influence

“I Believe In Equal Rights For Victims Of Crime”

Marsy’s Law changed the definition of “victims” of crime. The new, more accurate definition is “a person who suffers direct or threatened physical, psychological, or financial harm as a result of a crime or delinquent act. “Victim” includes the spouse, parents, children, siblings, or guardian and includes a lawful representative of a crime victim who is deceased, a minor, or physically or psychologically incapacitated.”

We called ourselves “survivors,” now we have legal status = influence as “victims.” We must expand our influence into laws and policies concerning victims’ rights and concerns beyond the Prosecution phase.

…all laws and ballot Propositions concerning crime and criminals must describe the fiscal impact of the law on victims and society. A cost analysis comparing the fiscal savings to the state vs the cost to victims and society.

…mandated restitution by convicts. Accurate accounting and audits.

…expanded role for Calif. Compensation and Restitution now that the victim base is expanded. Restitution for lifetime physical and mental damage.

…review of parole hearings procedures: notices, treatment of victims, early release policy and victim compensation for parole hearings.

 Every year 1000s of California crimes are committed, thus creating 10+ new victims per crime. Victims have influence, our Voice will be loud and clear. Victims have immense influence if we use it. We need your help.

Blog 11                         Jack Reilley         March 7, 2020