Blog Post #14 – California Victim’s Voice

Justice for Crime Victims = Safety for California

It is amazing that hundreds of protests with thousands of peaceful protesters are turning out to government, “redress grievances,” a citizen’s right. The protests have lit a
firestorm of justified anger: protesters demand fast criminal justice, and if found guilty, the greatest punishment allowed.

Protesters are equally angry over racial injustice, unequal rights, unequal treatment under law…key issues that must be addressed, it has been smoldering for too long.

Victims have firsthand knowledge of the justice system; our VOICE and opinions can have a profound effect on these issues.

In previous blogs I described how California victims, family and friends of reported crimes represent potentially millions of concerned citizens from all segments of California society.

I propose we have a Victims Protest. Not a marching protest, a power of the pen protest. We can be a huge group of concerned victims with the power of the vote. I recommend individual action; we all have the right to express our anger. What to do as individuals: (just a partial list)

…write local and state politicians and office holders. Let them know you are fed up with pro-crime,
pro-criminal’s laws

…write letters to the editors, write citizens editorials

…speak before civic and social-church groups

…attend public forums and politician’s community meetings: be a witness at government committee hearings

Blog 14                Jack Reilley         June 8, 20