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Blog Post #3– California Victim’s Voice

Victims are the most ignored people in the California criminal’s justice system because members in the huge criminal’s justice system do not fear us. We are generally polite complacent and thankful because we have been overwhelmed by the crime against us. We are pitied and we are thought to be confused by all the intricate minutia of the legal procedures, impotent to make demands, forbidden to show righteous anger. In short, victims are beaten down so we won’t challenge the criminal justice system, its members and/or its procedures. Victim groups are localized, a cottage industry, not geared to fight, nor have the financial resources to oppose pro-criminal forces.

The victim is important at the time of the crime, however, after the perpetrator is captured, all interest centers on the criminal’s rights regardless of cost. The concerns of the victim are moved to the back of the line in the justice process. Victims become voyeurs watching criminal justice through a false mirror.

Victims are absolutely necessary to the criminal’s justice industry: without victims how can the behemoth criminal’s justice industry support its members?  When California returned to tough laws fighting crime and violent & serial criminals, the criminal customer base shrunk. California ended revolving prison doors: violent and serial criminals were off the street, reducing recidivism. Fewer crimes, fewer criminal demands for criminal’s justice services. Who is to blame, victims of course.

Today victims are attacked, bombarded, assaulted, by anti-victim, pro-criminal changes in our justice system by well-organized and funded organizations supported by academia, interest groups, the criminal bar, politicians and many more; generally, mostly lawyers or professional pro-criminal advocates. Wealthy donors support these groups. Using effective campaign spending and marketing techniques, these dark forces convince voters to approve ballot Propositions and unknowingly accept new legislative liberal crime laws. However, the good news: the tide is changing, the pendulum swings back, voters are questioning the effect of liberal criminal justice they voted for without understanding all the unmentioned ramifications.  Victims have an opening now to change the public mind and stop the insanity of liberal criminal laws.

If any of this makes you mad, then please write or contact your representatives, the Governor, the media and social organizations. Victims and survivors have a civil right to let lawmakers and the public know our passion for Justice and our opinions of the system, the laws and procedures that hurt us.

In 2008 when voters approved Proposition 9 – Marcy’s Law, now part of the California Constitution, victims received multiple rights and protections, we have standing in the system. Use Prop 9.

NOTICE: none of the new pro-criminal Propositions and laws mention the victim’s physical and mental welfare or rehabilitation, the focus is only on the needs of the criminal: not guilty pleas causing long, expensive trials, admit to a lesser crime, liberal sentencing, liberal parole & probation, comfortable & amenable prisons with full medical care…the list becomes ridiculous.

The California pool of victims and our supporters is huge. We are a loud Voice, We can influence results.

Jack Reilley May 9, 2019