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Blog Post #4– California Victim’s Voice

During Victim’s Week 2019, I heard Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer plead for victims and survivors to get personally involved in stopping the attack by dark forces to eliminate the anti-crime, anti-criminal Propositions and laws supported by victims and survivors. Much progress in victim justice was made by individual victims and survivors, victim organizations and friends over the last 35+ years. Victims and survivors are now in a battle to keep our rights and reverse the crop of anti-victim, pro-criminal laws beginning with AB 109 in 2011 and Proposition 47 – 2014. I wondered, how powerful victims and survivors are, our critical mass, can we really defeat the well-funded dark powers? Definitely, YES!!

An example, in California we had the following amounts of recorded violent crime since 1980: this list is limited to Murder, Forcible Rape, Robbery, and Aggravated Assault. If all violent crimes were included, i.e., child molestation, the number of victims would be immense.

2000-2009        2.0MM per year            50%    = 1.0MM       25% = 500M

2010-2017**    1.3MM  (8 year)            50%    = 6.5M           25% = 325M

Total                   3.3MM Victims              Total     1.65MM      Total   825M         

Victims have family and friends who love them & support their quest for justice – let’s say a minimum of two supporters per victim, total three for this example.

Using the decades of 2000 and 2010 (18 years) using 50% of victims = 1.6 million victims. Using 25% of victims = 825M X 3 = 2.5 Million advocates for justice = 6.3% of California’s projected population of 39.75 million for 2019. We have victims and survivors critical mass, we have a VOICE!!

Victims can fight the dark forces and their backers by becoming a Committee of Victim Information. Express your personal opinions to law makers, media, and civic organizations concerning justice for victims. A Victims Voice can make a lot of noise!!! And, impact the California public.

Jack Reilley     May 3, 2019                      Source Disaster Center

                                                                        Federal and California UCR agencies