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Marsy’s Law:  When Marsy’s Law was approved by voters in 2008 victims never anticipated the onslaught of pro-criminal, anti-victim laws such as AB-109 and the subsequent ballot Propositions and a plethora of laws specifically written to destroy the hard work of crime victims seeking justice and long term punishment for violent criminals. Parole boards now operate under government mandates to reduce the prison population by applying very lenient standards for parole: i.e., felonies reduced to misdemeanors, 3-strikes was softened, all sorts of reasons for shorter prison time and early release. Little thought is given the welfare of victims

A key Marsy’s victim’s right is: …#16. “To have the safety of the victim’s family, and the general public, considered before any parole or other post-judgment release decision is made.” Victims must insist this right is not ignored. The following items should be added to improve Marsy’s Law #16 by allowing victims more involvement in parole decisions.

…parole or post-judgement early release – the effect on the victims or survivors must be considered and recorded as part of the parole official record. Victims must be allowed to challenge parole and included in the parole record;

…the Governor must notify victims or survivors of the consideration of victims and survivors’ objections by answering all victims’ inquiries about their opposition to parole and their safety concerns before granting the parole or release.

…the parole board and the Governor’s files on the parole must be public records easily available to victims or survivors.


Jack Reilley    September 10, 2019         Blog #6